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Peer Reviewed

Recent publication shows VeinViewer can improve intravenous cannulation in critically ill children

Clinical Ops​​​​ ​A recent article published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology (June, 2013), Ching-Yun Sun of Taiwan released evidence that the use of VeinViewe​r​®​​ can improve the time to find a vessel, time to perform PIV, and median number of attempts per patient. As demonstrated in the randomized, prospective observation study (n=60), statistically significant results in time to find vessels and the overall number of attempts per patient. The results of the study showed that VeinViewer significantly improved mean time to find the first available vessel and the total time of attempts per patient.

The study also showed a highly significant improvement in attempts per patient for the VeinViewer group. Lastly, first attempt success rate trended positive and close to significance. To understand how their study successes could impact the cost effectiveness, the authors determined that in their 20 bed ward they had the potential to save close to $530 per month by using VeinViewer. This study proves that VeinViewer provides hospitals an increase in operational efficiency and a solid return on investment. To see more details, read our Clinical Ops summary here ​or see the full article here.