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Assure Focuses on Utilization Training and Clinical Education

Assure Program​​​​Launched in July 2013, the Christie Assure Program is an unprecedented level of customer support designed to improve the results achieved with Christie products. A huge component of the Assure program is providing ongoing clinical education.

A team of nurse educators known as Clinical Applications Consultants, or CACs, conducts utilization training associated with the Assure Program. Courses are taught in classroom settings and on the floor during rounds to maximize exposure to new equipment. CACs return to the facility each year for five years for hands-on training and continued education. Continued education includes courses in best practices for vascular access management and vein preservation, as well as a review of available technologies. Contact hours are available.

The goal is to make sure clinicians are confident using Christie products like VeinViewer​®​, and that they continue to evolve best practices and improve everyday standards of patient care.

A 5 year customer commitment like no other.