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Vascular Access Made Easy

Time-tested tips for locating veins and starting IVs.
By Richard Novak, MD

​​ Outpatient SurgeryTalented surgeons, a staff full of Florence Nightingales and Starbucks in the waiting room won't matter much to patients if they're stuck more than pincushions during IV starts. It's true: Patients who've been poked and prodded multiple times in pre-op will remember that experience long after they leave your facility, no matter how successful their surgeries. Make sure patients never complain about IVs again with these 6 proven steps for first-stick-success, which I've developed from starting more than 20,000 lines throughout my career. Read the full article here.

An article published on looks at the issue of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and the potential increase in infection opportunities with the growing population of aging baby boomers.