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Evaluating PICC Practices

​​​The Association for Vascular Access (AVA) will be holding their annual meeting in National Harbor, Maryland this year during the first weekend in September. The registration guide boasts several pre-meeting workshops which are geared towards enhancing the practice of vascular access or to review topics for the vascular access certification (VA-BC) test. Additionally, a large portion of the sessions will focus on peripherally inserted catheter placement and care.

Vineet Chopra, a physician at the University of Michigan, will detail results from his recently published work on physician experiences, practice, and opinions regarding PICC lines with a focus on what hospitals should do to monitor PICC use and adverse events. Additionally, Sheila Inwood and Mark Hunter will host a breakout session on peripheral cannulation using ultrasound and vein visualization technologies. An especially timely oral abstract by Patti Wilcox discusses updated research on the use of vein visualization technologies to decrease PICC line placements in patients with limited venous access. This event promises to be very important to the practice of vascular access and patient care.